24 February 2014

My Face Care Plan has Only 3 Natural Ingredients!

 Yup. Three ingredients for my entire face. Magic? I think so. Here is what I do to take care of my face using only 3 ingredients:

Clean: Baking Soda

Yup, the same basic stuff you use to bake tasty delights in the kitchen, or in toothpaste to clean your teeth.

I usually put maybe 1/4 to 1/2 tsp into my hand, and add just enough water to make a paste, and then I gently rub into my face. Careful, this is definitely an exfoliator, so be extra gentle!! As you rub it into your face, you can sort of feel it start to get oily as it picks up oils from your face. I rinse with water, and if my face still feels oily, I add a little more baking soda, and repeat the process.

Research shows, this stuff can prevent acne, lighten scars, and is both anti-fungal and antibacterial so it can also help prevent future pimples. It can also help treat eczema which I suffer from occasionally in the dry, winter months. Score!!

Acne Spot Treatment: Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant. Some people use it in place of triple antibiotic ointment. It also helps to dry out your pimples. Some studies have shown that is is equally effective as 5% benzoyl peroxide, which it a common ingredient in spot treatment creams. It's good stuff! Make sure to use sparingly, as it (surprisingly) can over-dry your face. 

To use, I usually wet one of my "face scrubbies" with water, place it on top of the open bottle, and with my finger firmly over the opening in the little jar, I shake once to get a tiny (less than a drop) amount onto the cloth scrubbie, and apply to the areas that need it. Repeat until the pimple is gone! 

You can buy it HERE. It runs a bit pricey for my tastes, but I have been using the SAME BOTTLE for almost 2 years!! Disclosure: I use this as a spot treatment only for the most part, and only when I have an annoying, painful pimple i can't ignore. Not everyday. But still, it lasts much longer than you would think, and is way less expensive than some of the fancy pants brands out there!

Moisturize: Almond Oil 

I have gone back and forth between a couple different moisturizers, but this one seems to work the best for me, at least when it is winter. I may switch to aloe in the summer, when my face actually produces enough oils by itself for the most part. This is the brand I use. I think it is important to get Sweet Almond Oil, instead of regular almond oil, but I'm not sure why. Something about the smell, I think.

The thing I really like about it, is that is absorbs into my skin within minutes, and I don't have to feel mildly greasy all day. In addition, it acts as a sunblock so keep away harmful sum beam rays of death!

To apply, I simply put 1 drop of it into my hand, rub my hands together, and then lightly pat onto my face. I will rub it in a little, but very gently and after I pat it on, so that I don't get too much in any area.

Note: For those of you that use makeup, almond oil is great at getting rid of mascara and other eye makeup. It also moisturizes the eye area so that you can keep wrinkles away. YAY! I can't vouch for foundation and the like, since I don't use any.


  1. Hmm. I'm thinking to try this routine. I wonder if you would like a "mature" skin owner to test your protocol?

  2. Yes! Let me know how it goes! You can easily adjust the almond oil amount if you find that your skin is still too dry, or of course, you can use coconut oil! I used the coconut oil in the summer when it was more liquid, and easier to apply.


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