11 February 2014

Blossom Pattern 2: Making the Pattern 1 (Soles)

So I thought I should give my pattern a name, since I don't really want to refer to it as "this month's shoe project" for every post, so I am going to call it the Blossom Pattern since I think the way it overlaps at the ankle looks a bit like a couple flower petals. 
Anyway, for the Blossom Pattern, I attempted to make a pattern from scratch. I am hoping to eventually come up with a method that will be easy enough to adapt for any person's foot. This one is loosely based off the pattern from my previous shoe project, mukluks, for which I bought a pattern. It ended up being a little complicated, so I might break it up into a couple posts so there aren't a zillion pictures on one post to scroll through.


Trace carefully around your foot. I tried to have a little weight on my foot while I did this, so as to better simulate when I would be standing on it. Make sure you are not tilting your pencil or pen at a sharp angle at one part of your foot and not at another, because this will decrease the accuracy of the tracing.  

Add ½ inch seam allowance. The final pattern will look like this. I added a vertical arrow to remind myself to lay the pattern along the grain of the fabric in this direction. This is not necessary, but do not cut it out on the bias. My pattern ended up a bit messy looking, so I made a digital version for the post. 

Here are some pictures of the actual fabric/pattern.

After I cut out the pattern, I put the white fabric and the blue fabric right sides out and stitched around the outside to hold them together, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. (Sorry this is a crappy picture, apparently I didn't take a decent one of this step!)

I will post tomorrow on how to make the uppers, till then goodnight, and happy cobblering!


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