20 November 2014

November Projects Book


It's been a while. I have been busy working on a new project lately and haven't managed to squeeze in a post in my regularly scheduled program!

I have created a new blog this last week to test out an idea that I have been developing over the past few weeks. 

One of my dreams in life has been to publish a book, notably a children's book, or at the least, an ILLUSTRATED book! I am pleased to announce that I am currently pursuing that endeavor online! Please leave feedback if you can think of any, because I need all the help I can get!

Once I have completed the story, I plan on printing a copy of it for myself, and possibly leaving a copy at a coffee store or two where I know the owners just for the heck of it.

My story is centered around Cerulean Jay, and the scarlet fox she sees in the woods on her walk to school each day. The time period/setting is supposed to be somewhat timeless, a fairytale type reality that could probably exist in some manner or another in real life.

Cerulean Jay is obviously the name of this blog, and the name of my Etsy store (and now also my Storenvy site), and is the brand that I am hoping to turn into a full time gig at some point in the future. I thought it would be fun, however, to delve deeper into the character of cerulean, since I always imagined my brand to sort of have an alter ego of sorts that would help to dictate what sort of products and articles and stories my brand would tell along the way, and this new blog/fairytale tries to do just that.

To start out at a base level. I thought I would share with you the meaning behind the name of this blog, ceruleanJAY, since it was the name of this one that prompted the story.

ceruleanJAY was initially created as a reference to my spirit animal. I met him in the woods one day during a particularly spiritual walk I took while looking for answers to my wordless questions. I found a tree that seemed to call to me, and I decided to climb into it and sit there a while to sit and think on nature. I felt the need to sing, and so I started softly humming an old spiritual, and as I did, I looked up onto one of the higher branches and a blue jay sat there looking at me. He didn't make a single sound, and we just looked at each other, me singing, and he silent. I felt a great connection to this bird and a great sense of peace and calm filled my heart and seemed to burst out of me. I slowly climbed out of the tree and the experience was over. The word cerulean, is a particularly bright shade of blue that I learned as a child when I would read the name on the sides of crayons. Cerulean was my favorite color for the longest time, so it only seemed fitting that the blue jay would take one the most beautiful, brightest shade of blue, and so that is where the name comes from.

So to add tho this base layer, I decided to create the character, Cerulean. Cerulean is a young school age girl who values family, loyalty, and friendship. She is a lover of nature and things with intrinsic value, such as the handmade cloak her mother sewed for her.

I plan to release a small part of the story each time, in the interest of getting the word out faster, and to ensure I don't get too overwhelmed with the project, or am paralyzed by fear the complete work won't be perfect.A little at a time makes for a much easier project!

Now that I have talked your ear off about my book, make sure to check it out! Without further ado, I present the new and hopefully noteworthy: cerulean + scarlet.

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