09 March 2016

Slowly Returning to "Normal"

If "normal" is actually a state that can be achieved. Ha. As many of my followers know, I have since had a baby, her wiggleyness, Adelaide. Born November 3rd, she is now 4 months old. Time flies! Before your eyes even when you have an infant. :)

Adjustment to having a child has been good. It helps that Miss Wiggle is a pretty easy going gal. I have made a for fun blog dedicated to her antics, Our Little Balloon, if anyone is interested. Not sure how often I will update it, but I hope to only provide content if something interesting happens.

Anyhow, since having a baby is now my full time gig, getting time to work the leathers has been slow. However, I have managed to work on a few small projects these last couple months. Most notably a bag order for my aunt. Smaller projects include some deerskin wallets and a neat looking braided bracelet.

find at ceruleanjay.com

I have decided to recommit to slowly working on projects again, so hopefully there will be updates yet again.

That's all for now.

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