04 February 2014

Blossom Pattern February Project

I have recently finished The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller, and was inspired to create a plan for the next year to make it to some of my life goals. One of these is my goal to create 1 pair of shoes each month, so I thought I would share my first project which will be for the month of February!

GOAL: Make wearable, work appropriate shoes for my job as a barista.
Long hours on my feet
Brown staining inevitable from coffee spills, etc.
Must cover the bridge of my foot to be safe for working around food

As you saw from my previous post, Winter Mukluks, I have recently completed my first wearable pair of shoes. I was not really sure where to go from there, but I finally settled upon taking on the gigaturan challenge of creating my own pattern for the next pair of shoes I create! To increase my likelihood of success (and therefore my will to go on and create more shoes) I decided to try to come up with the simplest pair of shoes I could imagine. The problem I have come up with in other projects was despite my best efforts, the uppers always seemed to end up about an inch or two longer than the bottom part. So to get around this, I have designed a foolproof plan! I am making a pattern where the back half and front half are two separate pieces, making for a TOMS style cloth shoe. The main difference in my design is that the backs and the tops will crisscross somewhat so if they end up too long, they can simply overlap more to make up the difference. Someday I hope to invest in some quality shoe lasts and learn how to make shoes proper, but for February, I am focusing on something simple I can look forward to wearing this spring. I spent the last 20 or so minutes sketching my idea and the general logistics for how everything will go together so here are those images. 

I also drew a porpoise too, for good measure, and because they are cute!

Stay tuned for the next post, in which I will be talking about the materials I am planning to use for this project!


  1. I am so very proud of you! You are wonderful!

    1. Thanks! I will be posting an update tonight on materials I will be using!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am excited to see how it will turn out!


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