22 February 2014

Blossom Pattern 6: Sewing 2 (Uppers)

For the uppers, I added piping to give a more finished look. This is not necessary, but I will show you haw to do it, since I have it in mine. First, your going to want to get out your "zipper foot" if you have one. It will exceedingly help you to sew flush with your piping. It looks like this:

You will lay your piping on top of your material so that when it flips right side out, the piping will be on the outside.

When I sewed it, it took two passes at it, the first to make sure everything was held in place and not stretched out in goofy places, and the second time to get right up against the piping.

first pass

Next you will attach the blue material being sure to place it right sides together.

After The blue material is sewn on, you can cut wedges to ease turning, and flip right sides out.

Flatten, and top stitch around the outside 1/2 inch in.

We are now ready to start on the heels! Happy cobblering!

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