15 February 2014

Blossom Pattern 4: Making the Pattern 3 (Heels)

For the third and final piece of the pattern, draw three lines at right angles as pictured below. The bottom line will be 5 inches, the vertical line, 2 3/4 inches, and the top line, 1 3/4 inches.

Now draw a diagonal line connecting the 1 3/4 inch line with the 5 inch line.

Now draw small marks as seen below at the inch mark specified. One-fourth inch in on the bottom and 1/2 inch up for the bottom; 1/4 inch in at the top and 1 1/2 inch down at the top.

Now draw diagonal lines to connect the marks you made,as seen below.

Now draw 1/2 inch around the outside for seam allowance. I squared it off at the bottom point to reduce excess unnecessary material. Make sure there is at least 1/2 inch straight out from the point to the perpendicular line if you do this. (see second picture below)

That's it! This pattern is for one half of the heel, so you will need to cut out two pieces for each fabric for one shoe. Here is a picture of my pieces cut out and ready to go!

Check out part one of the assembly process!

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