26 February 2014

Blossom Pattern 8: Assembly 1

Now comes the best part, sewing all the pieces together!

We are first going to pin the uppers to the main sole piece (not insole).

And... sew around the outside, being very careful to maintain the 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Next, you will pin the heels to the main sole piece.What I found after sewing it together, was that the heel was a bit too roomy, so if you want you can pin it in the center back and then slip your foot into it and line the heel up to the sole where it feels comfortable to you. This is shown below, for clarification.

Here is what is looks like when it is sewed!

You can flip it inside out and try it on if you like! Check for good fit, and make any adjustments necessary, e.g. take it in a bit more perhaps.

Now flip it inside out again, and trim the thick white material down to 1/8 inch all around. This is to reduce bulk to the interior where your foot will go!

Finally, sew along the overlapped part of the seam, in the "ditch" between the piping and the main cloth. This will keep the shoe from sliding off too easily.

Now you are ready to glue it all together!

If anyone has been following these posts as I have been making them, I did end up going with leather for the soles, and I updated the materials post to let you all know what kind and how much and what not so HERE is a link to that post so you can get caught up to speed for the next step!

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