23 February 2014

Blossom Pattern 7: Sewing 3 (Heels)

For the heels, the first step is going to be sewing the center seam for both the blue and the white fabric.Sew these right sides together so they look like the picture below.

Flatten and press seams open. Cut wedges along seam to ensure seam allowance lays smooth. I top stitched the seams down on the white fabric to help keep it in place.

Next, pin your piping to the outside edge of the white material and sew down. Again making two seams if you like to make sure to get right up to the edge of your piping. You will lay your piping on top of your material so that when it flips right side out, the piping will be on the outside.

I actually sewed the piping so that it ran  off the edge of the material as seen below. I don't think this was necessary. I thought it would be good if the piping didn't end right at the sole because it might make unpleasant bumps for standing on, but I ended up taking the pattern in slightly and this step was basically eliminated and it didn't end up hurting the fit of the shoe on the soles anyway. Random tangent, just don't worry if your shoe doesn't look exactly like mine in the photos. Just make sure it looks like the graphics and you'll be good to go!

not like this :P

Next, you will lay your blue material on top and sew together, making sure right sides are together.

Cut wedges to ease flipping,and ensure the seams lay flat. Cut the piping off close to the seam if any is sticking out.

Flip inside out.

Sew along the center seam again, attaching the blue to the white, and to keep the heel from shifting around while you are wearing it.

Top stitch around the bottom of your pattern to hold everything in place,making sure that the center seam is laying flat. I forgot to do this step, but please do it, it will save you a potential headache later!

Now the next step is to sew all the pieces together to make a wearable shoe!

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