16 February 2014

Blossom Pattern 5: Sewing 1 (Soles)

We will start with the soles. Cut out 6 pieces of the main material, and 4 pieces of the thick inner material (I am using cotton sweatshirt material). You will use two of each for the main constriction of the shoe, and then we will add an insole made out of the rest of the pieces.

Set aside one pair of the decorative fabric. Sew the sweatshirt material to the decorative fabric, pretty sides out, leaving a 1/2 inch around the outside. Do this four times, twice for each side.

Set aside one pair of the sewed together pieces. These will become part of the main construction of the shoe (sole). With the remaining two, cut the sweatshirt material so that it is as close as possible to the stitched line, without cutting the decorative material or the threads. These will be your insoles.

For any of you confused at this point, I made this helpful graphic to illustrate each of the pieces we have right now.

For the next step, we will be taking Fig 1 and attaching it to Fig 2, right sides together, leaving a spot on the side for flipping inside out. Cut wedges around the outside to ease in flipping. Below, I have pictured the cut parts and the flipped insole.

I then stitched the hole closed with a whip stitch, and hand stitched some seams down the middle and around the sides like you would a quilt so make the insoles less likely to shift around while being walked on. You could do this with a sewing machine if you would rather. I was at a coffee shop at the time and so I hand stitched them.

You are now ready for sewing the uppers!

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