31 January 2014

How to Draw a Cute Kitty

Want to make super cute Valentine's for your friends but don' know how to draw? How about making this super easy kitty and you'll be good to go. Follow these super easy instructions pictured below!

I had so much fun making the puppy tutorial, I decided to try his arch enemy, the cat!! :)  While the yorkie is a short, stocky built dog (at least when his fur is dry and fluffy!), the cat is a sleek, delicately built animal (as least before she becomes a fat cat!).

For this tutorial, you will need:

   A red or pink Sharpie pen

   A black fine tip Sharpie, or nice black gel type pen

   Nice paper, preferably card stock
   The ability to draw triangles, circles and curves lines
      (read: beginner level!)

Below is a nice Ed Emberly style follow along guide :)

My Valentine is made using this tutorial as well as my previous post, How to Draw a Cute Yorkie Pup Valentine. I would love to see any Valentines you make or answer any questions you have so feel free to share! 

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