28 March 2014

Whale Shoes Update Suprise!

I think I am breaking some rules by posting two blogs in one day, I like to have them spread out throughout the week, but I don't care! I have to show you my exciting new project!

Soo... I may have gotten carried away and stayed up half the night making these little guys.. But really, who could stop when they are in the middle of making super cute whale shoes? Seriously. WHALES!!! Anyways, here is a lovely picture of my latest cobblering endeavor, and I will be spending the next few days cranking out a tutorial on how you can make your very own! And I promise, no complicated pattern drafting this time! These are really rather simple to make, and everyone needs a few dozen ballet flats laying around for each and every outfit that awaits. Am I right?

Ok, enough talk, here are the goods!

I haven't trimmed the sole from the left shoe there yet, (at right)

Have a lovely day, and happy cobblering!!!

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