02 March 2014

March Shoespiration!

So I have spent the entire month of February trying to decide what kind of shoes I want to make for march, and thought I would share a few pictures of shoes I want to make possibly in the future!

First up, we have the WOOL BEAUTY! Boasting an au natural feel, good for warm toasty feet (which here in Iowa is awesome, since it has snowed practically every other day for weeks!) and a simple construction method that has the possibility of being slightly less labor intense... Give me a break, I made a pattern FROM SCRATCH last month! :) Below is a picture of some beautifully handmade wool soles by Etsy seller Inga S at her shop, BureBureSlippers. I would be following THIS video I found online to make them. Another plus, I already have all the materials I need!


Next, we have these lovelies that I found on Pinterest one day, and it took me FOREVER to find the image on their website, but  HERE is the link so you can find it easy-peasy. Nadia Esra uploaded this picture. I am not really sure what the site is for, but from what I can tell, I think maybe models/fashionistas post fabulous pictures of themselves in beautiful clothing?? Anyways, turn your eyes to the awesome-pants red kicks she has on. I want those!!! Should I try to make them??

Finally, I thought It would be nice to have some simple black shoes that would be on the dressy side, though I am snot sure exactly what they would look like. Some candidates include the ones featured below. I will probably wait and make this my April project, since I haven't really decided what sort of   shoes I want, but I thought I would put it out there as a plan for some time hopefully soonish... (Links to 1, 2, and 3)

So I will let you know soon what I decide on! Let me know if you have a preference or any suggestions for some other shoe style you want to see me attempt!

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