13 March 2014

How to Use Blogger to Create an Attractive Portfolio

Want to make an attractive portfolio that is simple to update? Making an online portfolio can be a simple way for people to easily find your work. I found an incredibly easy way to make one using Blogger that looks very  professional.

First sign up for a Blogger blog. When you are on the main screen, choose template, then customize.

Once you have that opened, choose dynamic views in the template designer. You can look through the different options, but when you decide which view you want to be the default (the view people see when they first enter your site) click that option in the black area under the dynamic views selection. If you just choose the view in the preview area below, it will not be saved as the default. I chose sidebar.

If you only want people to be able to see the view you have selected, this is a great tutorial for how to disable other views. If you do not do this, people can scroll through the options and decide how they will like to look at your content. I chose to leave it open ended. 

Then you can edit your site to how you want it to look. I changed very little, since I liked the clean cut look of the original. I just changed the header (the dynamic view options) to font "Walther Turncoat" and the title of the blog to font "Syncopate."

To keep the look simple, when you add a new piece, make the title of your piece be the title of your blog post, and add the image in the text box area.

I make all my images extra large, but you can make them smaller if you like. I prefer a larger image to one that can be seen in its entirely without scrolling. If I wasn't lazy, I would go in and edit the dimensions in the HTML mode to exactly fit your screen.

Depending on the screen size that other people are using to view your site, it might cut off anyways, so I keep it simple with the extra large size and call it good.

So there you have it, a simple, clean looking portfolio you can easily update and can easily be accessed online. Click here to see my portfolio better. 

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