04 March 2014

And the Winner is....

Wool shoes it is! After some deliberation, I decided on the wool shoes since it is freaking cold out! Also, I think this project will work better with some of the other things I want to accomplish this month, including a working pair of lasts. My last pair was an utter failure, but for some reason, is one of my most popular posts, so I think I better post some better content this time around!

check out these wool beauties!!

List of items to get:

Slippery fabric or, "netting" as the video refers to it...

I think it is a sheer slippery material so that you can see through it to the felt stuffs and it won't stick to the wool while doing the felting process.

Shoe lasts (Of which I will be attempting to make????)

I bought some of that goofy foam stuff they sell to people who are talented at making flower arrangements which I plan on making into a sort of shoe last type thing. I think it will work. I will post more on this later.

Dye~don't want plain white shoes

I am way too messy for white shoes! Evidenced by the fact that I spilled half my coffee all over myself, and the rug, and my winter jacket at the bookstore tonight.... I think wet underwear in a public place means I can't have white things...

Items I already have:

Wool, leftover from my homemade mattress project.

Soling material, in the way of leather and rubber options... 

The end.


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