24 March 2014

How to Dye your Wool Shoes

Here is a quick tutorial on how I dyed my shoes a lovely pinky purple color!

For this Project, You will need:

  • Rit Dye in color of your choice
  • vinegar
  • water
  • something water proof and heavy
  • bucket
  • wool shoes
  • optional: foam shoe lasts

Pour 1 cup vinegar  into a bucket of HOT water. (Approximately 3 gallons. Add about half your dye if using the 8 oz size. Put your shoes into the bucket.

I left mine on the lasts while dying just in case they wanted to try to shrink up on me. As a result, I had to place a heavy object (in this case an old cappuccino mix container filled with rocks) on top to keep them from floating on the surface.

Leave in there for a good 30 minutes. 

When 30 minutes has passed, be sure to rinse completely with cool water. I filled the tub with some water and shook the shoes around in the water to avoid using tons of water. Be aware that the dye can and will stain your tub. I had to bleach the tub later to get the dye out. This got the stains out for me, but I can't guarantee this method for all tubs, so be careful. Use something that doesn't matter if you stain it if you can, just in case. In fact, anything near the dyeing area or anything you plan on touching during or after this project, just plan on it getting dyed just to be safe.

 Allow to air dry. Do not dry in dryer. This could shrink your shoes. I ruined some expensive wool socks by shrinking them excessively in the wash. Good luck, and happy cobblering!


  1. just wondering if you had any issues with the dye coming off with sweaty feet etc?

    1. I can't say that my feet have gotten very sweaty wearing them. But I have gotten the bottoms a bit damp, stepping in water spilled while doing dishes and I haven't noticed any color bleeding from that. Also, almost three years later they look about the same color! Hope this helps!


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