03 April 2012

Windowsill Vegetable Gardening from the Grocery Store

Not many people know that you can continue to grow many of the leftovers from vegetables that you buy from the grocery store. Its not even too difficult to do. So far we have gotten green onions and a kale to grow quite successfully. (Mr. Kale died only just recently due to an over-watering fiasco :( Sorry, Mr. Kale!)

The green onions lived in water only for a couple weeks, but it made the transition to soil quite nicely. Now, whenever there is a recipe with green onions, we can just chop the heads off the one in our windowsill instead of buying a huge bunch from the store that mostly just goes to waste.
The kale also lived in just water for a couple weeks. It wilted a little when we added the soil, but came back as strong as ever until about a week and a half ago when we decided to add a whole mugful of water to his tiny cereal bowl size pot. Oops :/
The newest addition to our garden is an old potato that was quite insistent to grow inside of the pantry. We saw his potential and decided to give him some water and see what he could really do! Here is a picture of his roots after about 2 or so weeks of loving. Once he sprouts leaves on top, into the soil he will go! 

Has anyone else tried to grow grocery store plants? If so, how did you do it, and what plants were you able to grow?

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