14 April 2012

DIY Skirt Pattern Step 2: Main body

I am not going to make a pattern for this part, but am going to directly mark on the fabric (in pencil) since we are essentially just making a large rectangular shape. However, if you would feel more comfortable starting with a piece of paper, tape some newspapers together or buy one of those big rolls of paper for marking on. 

To make the main body portion of your skirt, you are going to want to measure the width of the bottom (wider) part of the yoke you made from step 1. To make it easier on yourself, just measure the back because it is straighter across. Then multiply this number by 4. In this step, you are essentially doubling the width of the skirt while also adding in the front part which you didn't measure. 

Note: Another way to find this measurement is to use a tape measure to find your hip measurement (around the largest part of your butt) and then multiply this number by two.

Mark this distance from the edge of your fabric. 

Then, measure from the area you plan on having your skirt start at on the waist to the length that you want the skirt to fall at. You will need to subtract the length of your yoke (in my case, 3 inches) but then add two inches back for seam allowance and adjustments. If you are uncertain about how long it needs to be, err on the side of caution and add an inch or two more than you think you need. Mark the number you came up with on the other edge of your fabric. I made mine 22 inches, which is slightly below my knee, when hemmed it will hopefully be at the knee. 

Mark this line a couple other places along the fabric to make cutting a straight line easier. Believe me, this step is necessary!

Then cut out the rectangle shape you have just created. 

My fabric is very thin, so I am going to cut an extra layer for a lining. If you are using a basic cotton to make your skirt, you will probably want an extra layer. If you want to save money, possibly using plain white fabric is cheaper. My fabric is actually an old sheet from Goodwill, so I just cut another piece from this same fabric. 

Now you have everything you need to start making you new skirt! 

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