09 April 2012

DIY Skirt Pattern Step 1: Waistband

Here are directions to make a pattern for a skirt like the one pictured at right from kaboodle.com. Because I want to make the steps very clear, I will be splitting it up into several different posts with lots of pictures. This part shows how to make a waistband using a pair of jeans to make the pattern. 
To begin, find a pair of pants (or possibly shorts or a skirt) that you like the way it sits on your waist. We will use these pants as a guide to make the waistband (yoke) part of the skirt.

First, we will make the back half of the yoke. Get a piece of paper that is wider than the waist of your pants. I just stapled two pieces of lined paper together. Trace the edge of the pants around the top. Then make another line around the first line you made about a half inch wider as pictured below. This is your seam allowance.

On another piece of paper, trace the sides of the pants again. This will make the front part of the yoke, so you do not need to trace the top part again. In order for the yoke to fit nicely, we will need to make the top line on this piece curved like the front of the jeans. To do this, fold the back part of the pants down to where the front part begins and make a small mark on the paper.

 Make a few more marks on the paper by folding the back part down to where the waistband starts in the front. Be careful not to accidentally draw on your pants!

 Now, take the pants away and carefully connect the marks to make a smooth line. Then add a 1/2 inch seam allowance around the front too. 

Decide how wide you want the yoke to be. I decided to make mine 3 inches. Take a ruler or measuring tape and measure three inches (or whatever amount you decide) from the inner line at the top of the waist. Do this for both the front and the back in several locations along the top.

Connect the dots to make a solid line. 

 Remember to add a half inch seam allowance below the line you just make. Here is what your pattern should look like at the end.

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