04 April 2012

Reusable Containers

I have seen tons of ways clever people have upcycled old bottles, cans, and various other items for anything from homemade lamps to pots for plants. Here is my small contribution to the mass of ways one can recycle ones old containers.

As I have discovered a love of baking this semester, I have had to keep more things like flour and sugar on hand. However, living in a house with four other girls means that there are not a lot of Tupperware available for continuous storage of baking supplies. In addition, I am a professional paper bag ruiner, especially when it comes to flour and sugar bags.

Enter empty oatmeal container and peanut butter jar. These have saved my life from a fine dust of flour and sticky surfaces inside my cupboard! In addition, the peanut butter jar works wonderful for pouring the sugar directly into a measuring cup, no scooping necessary. However, a scoop saved from an old cappuccino mix (which is now holding my rice supply) provides for any sugar scooping needed and decreases the endless supply of silverware to be washed!

Other containers I have been using is an old applesauce jar for popcorn kernels, and a plastic yoghurt container has held both granola and cookies.

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  1. Its good to use plastic or glass containers again and again to do eco-friendly deeds.
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