05 April 2012

Superfood Eats: Healthy Dark Chocolate Raspberry/ Blueberry/ Cherry Snack

For chocolate lovers everywhere, this is a spectacular snack that can easily fit into any diet plan. Combining delicious berries and divine dark chocolate, this is tasty treat sure to satisfy any cocoa cravings. To create this amazing snack you will need:
here is what I used

Frozen or Fresh Berries
Cocoa Powder

To make this lovely concoction, simply defrost a handful berries (if frozen) in microwave. Then sprinkle a small amount (1/2-1 tsp) of cocoa powder on top and mix gently with a spoon. Its that simple. Now satisfy your taste buds! 

The sweetness of the berries makes it unnecessary to add any sugar, although a small amount could be added to satisfy a sweet tooth type. 

As a happy side note, this recipe is super healthy because cocoa powder and berries are both very healthy. See article on cocoa benefits HERE and berry benefits HERE

Good luck!

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