18 April 2012

DIY Ruffle Skirt Step 3: Assembly Yoke

Now you need to cut out the yoke pieces. Fold the fabric over so that there are two layers of fabric. Make sure the fold is nice and straight with the edge of the fabric. Pin the yoke pieces to the fabric so that the length of the fabric is along one grain of the fabric and the width is along the other for the very center. 

Cut out the pieces. If your fabric is thin (like cotton), you will probably want to also cut out a layer of interfacing for both pieces. I don't have interfacing, so I simply cut out both pieces again, making four layers for the front piece, and four layers for the back piece. 

Now place the one of the front pieces on top of a back piece with right sides together as pictured. (right sides are the pretty sides that you want showing at the end of the project).
Sew a straight seam along this line. (I sewed with dark thread for visibility in the picture, but you will want a thread that matches the fabric.
Iron flat.
Repeat with the remaining pieces. For the second set, sew the opposite sides of the front and back pieces together, still with right sides together. (See picture) 
The place one of the yoke pieces on top of the other (right sides together) like pictured and sew along the top edge. 
Iron this part flat too. 
Now flip the yoke so right sides are facing out and iron flat.  
Now you are ready to make the ruffle part of the skirt! 

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