16 May 2014

How to Make A Custom Sized Shoe Pattern

Yes, I am still looking for a good way to make the proper sized shoe for the proper sized foot! Here is a technique I tried that seemed to work out well so far (about half way through the first pair using this pattern).

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • heavy cardboard*
  • razor blade to cut out pattern
  • marker or pen
  • pencil
  • string that does not stretch
*you can really use cardstock or paper for a less durable pattern, I went all out and opted for the heavy stuff!

The first thing you will want to do is to trace your foot out onto the cardboard. Make it the size you will want for the soles of your shoes. For mine, the last few pairs have been awkwardly wide around the arch of my foot so I allowed my tracing to go under my foot arch somewhat. I also made sure there was plenty of room for my toes. I hate when shoes pinch my toes! They look a little goofy.Once you get it how you like it, you can cut it out.

Trace this pattern on another part of the cardboard, leaving several extra inches on all sides. Draw a line through the center of the sole like in the picture below.

Then draw a corresponding line down your foot using a washable marker.

Next, draw a couple of fairly even lines along the line you have just made on your sole pattern, like this: 

Then, using the string as your guide,make tick marks along the string at the marks you just made.

Transfer these to your foot.

Then, holding the string across your foot in the other direction, line it up with one of the tick marks you made on your foot. Mark on the string the center line, and where the string hits the ground on both sides.
Transfer this mark to the corresponding tick mark. You will notice that the marks are slightly out to the sides of the original sole pattern. This is to account for the curve of the foot on top!

 Using this technique, make a line for each tick mark. Once this is done you can start to see the approximate sides of the pattern.

I think I will stop for now and continue with a part 2 tomorrow. Good luck, and happy shoemaking!

Important!!: This pattern does not allow for seam allowance! Make sure to allow at least 1/4 inches when you cut out your fabric etc.

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