07 May 2014

Basic Shoe Making Termiology

Here's a quick list of words I am using to make shoes. Basic terminology, I'll try not to make anything too technical!

Uppers: The top portion of the shoe
  • Vamp: The part covering the bridge of your foot
  • Quarters: The part that goes around the heel and the inside and outside of your foot. 

Liner: The interior fabric of the upper, often made out of the same material as the insole

Sole: The bottom portion of the shoe
  • Outsole: refers specifically to the stuff touching the ground, can be rubber or leather etc.
  • Insole: the part of the sole touching your foot.

Right sides together: This is actually a sewing term, I'm not sure if it is used in shoemaking or not. It means that the sides of the fabric that you want to be seen at the end of the project are facing each other, probably to be flipped to the outside after sewing the pieces together.

Whip Stitch: Another sewing term, meaning a stitch that goes around the outside of the seam and goes through the fabric on the same side each time

Top Stitch: A straight stitch that is sewn on the top outside of the fabric, for decorative purposes and to add structural integrity

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