03 May 2014

5 Crazy Things You can Grow Inside your Apartment

I've got 5 crazy things you can grow with minimal effort and cost inside your own house!

1. Green Onions

How would you like to buy green onions once or twice a year? Keep those ends from the grocery store!  As long as there is an inch or 2 from the roots, place them in water and they'll grow for several months after you buy them. Add a little soil after the roots start growing, and they'll last even longer! (more info)

2. Kale

Didn't make it all the way through your kale in one sitting? Keep the leftovers! Ideally you ate the big leaves and left the babies in the middle. Simply place the end in some dirt and it will continue to grow. Ours is probably about 3 months old. Imagine that!

3. Pineapple! 

Keep the top leafy part of your pineapple. Peel off a few of the lowest leaves where the edible part of the pineapple started to creat a good solid stump for a base and place it in some dirt. If you are careful to water it once a week or so (when the soil at top is dry) you can keep it for over a year like ours! (more info)

4. Moss Terrarium


You can use an old fish tank, a gigantic pickle jar, or, if you're real fancy, an expensive looking glass terrarium from the store (they have them at Target, Hobby Lobby, and Earl May).

Lay down some stones (like the leftover ones from the fish tank) and then a little dirt or peat moss, and add any moss you find on your next hike through the woods. I suggest getting several different kinds if you can. You can also add larger stones for the moss to grow on, or a fun loving plastic dino to mix things up!

 I also added a stray weed from my compost bin (tomato?). Make sure to cover the top and you'll almost never have to water! (more info)

5. Red Wriggler Worms

Yup, I said worms. Super duper efficient composting worms. These little guys like to work in packs, so they are perfectly content to stay inside a large rubbermaid under the sink until you are ready to feed them some fresh fruit and veggie parts. If you take care of them and keep them from getting too damp, no one but you will never even know they are there! I bought mine from THIS website and it was so worth it! They even have some good tutorials on how to get started.

yup, you're also looking at an apple core, egg shells, newspaper, and pumpkin seeds

So there you go! 5 easy things to add excitement to apartment life!

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