13 May 2014

How to Draw a Garden Gnome

Hey! Its gardening season! Here is how you can draw a fairly easy, and pretty darn cute garden gnome! Cut out, glue to a popsicle stick, and put into a potted plant!

Note: Please do the first 19 steps with a pencil, and try not to draw too hard, because on step 21, you will be erasing all your pencil marks!

For this tutorial, you will need: 

  • pencil
  • black pen
  • eraser
  • colored markers to make pretty!

Good luck! Show me any pictures you make, and ask me any questions you may have, I want your garden decoration to be super awesome!!! (lady gnome next week!)


Good luck!!


  1. You will have to introduce this garden gnome to Mr & Mrs. Claus Gnome!

    1. ha. They sit right next to each other. Neighbors!


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