14 July 2012

Ever Mowed the Lawn with a Kitchen Knife??

Yeah, me either... until yesterday! Wondering why someone would let the lawn to such a state? In a nutshell, my roommates and I are moving out of our rental in a month, and none of has or wanted to get a lawn mower just for the summer. And of course, no one was smart enough or motivated enough to call a lawn mowing service. As you can see in this picture, this is approximately what the lawn looked like pre-chop.(Sorry, all I had was this picture, I did not think to take a picture beforehand, so this picture was for my Etsy shop.)

Since I am moving in 3 weeks and am not interested in buying more "stuff" to have to move, I used a serrated kitchen knife (bread cutter) from my kitchen for the chopping. I sawed away at the grass until clumpfulls came off in my hand. It actually worked quite well. The knife cut the handfuls of grass with relative ease, and when the 90 degrees weather got to me, I simply went into the chilly basement for a half hour or so, and made a pleasant afternoon of the whole affair.

After, it looks something like this!!!
In case your wondering, no I am not crazy. I am hoping to get the lawn to a short enough length that a lawn mower can actually do some damage. I am too embarrassed at present to hire a mowing service to this jungle nightmare. (and afraid of what the bill would be!) It will take a bit more work, but I'm getting there.


  1. I like the way you problem solve! Is that Sara the body starring in your etsy picture?

  2. Yes! Also, I might like to borrow the weed wacker


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