02 February 2012

Cozy Banana Slippers

I made these slippers tonight. Super easy, took me less than a half hour to make! I found the instructions and pattern HERE. I love this pattern because it seems to fit the foot so well, its very smooth for I didn't add a lining, but it is still a quick sew either way. I'm planning to wear them with my boots as liners for extra warmth as soon as the weather decides to act like its February again. I made mine with fleece. 

For the sizing, I would suggest measuring the length of your foot and getting the pattern to match that length plus about a quarter inch seam allowance. I forgot the seam allowance, but they still seem to fit ok since they are fleece and can stretch some. Perfect to act like socks or liners. Not so good if you want to line them with anything like the website suggests.Definitely add seam allowance at least to the outside piece. I like this pattern because it also suggests covering the bottom with leather, which makes them last a bit longer :)

I'm thinking it would have been sweet to applique a flower into the tops before I sewed them together, maybe next time :)

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