10 February 2012

Cozy Mason Jar Pin Holder

In a desperate attempt to have a pincushion without having to buy one of those cheap tomato shaped ones they sell at Wal-Mart, I came across this idea. It’s simple, really, and this pincushion can hole extra pins inside itself for those projects that require an inordinate amount of pins. It’s not so much a pincushion, as maybe a pin drum, as the part holding the pins is a tightly stretched piece of fabric instead of a stuffed cushion sort of deal. It seems to work pretty well, though you have to push the pins in a little father than on a cushion type to make the pins feel secure. However, it works pretty darn well for something I just made with objects found around the house!
Here is what I used:

Mason jar with lid
Scrap fabric (cotton weave)

Cut the piece of fabric into an approximate circle making sure to cut it at least 2 inches larger than the jar lid. I would do 3 inches and then cut back later if it seems too much. Put any extra pins in the bottom of the jar and place fabric over lid. Try to make it lay fairly straight and smooth. Screw lid onto jar over fabric. Use only the outside rim part of the lid. The fabric should tighten a little while screwing it on. Pull the fabric coming out the bottom of the lid to further tighten the fabric drum you have created. Trim and excess around the bottom, making sure to leave enough room that you will be able to pull it tight again should you want to open it and get access to the pins in the bottom.
And that’s that! You could maybe glue a bit of ribbon or glitter or something to the edge of the jar lid if you want to further decorate and beautify, but at this point the pin-holder is fully functional.

Happy sewing!!

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  1. I am very proud of my creative and eloquent girl! I am enjoying the projects and the writing!!!


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