24 February 2012

Slippers Update--Custom Angry Birds

mom's pair
Finished the slippers for my mom and started on a pair for my dad. He is a fan of the Angry Birds game so I tried to make a pair of the yellow birds for him. Mostly done at this point, just have to add the bottoms and I'll be done! What do you think? 

I must confess, these were intended as a Valentine's present (so much shame!!) But better late than never, right?? :)

I am really hoping that these will fit. I have a size chart, and I made a pattern to size them, but I have no idea if the pattern is going to scale properly. I suppose it worked good for my feet, so I imaging my mom's will fit, but we will have to see about dad's, his feet are larger than my mom's and mine.

I plan to look into perhaps altering this pattern for future shoe-making endeavors, most ambitious of which so far are a pair for myself in a ballet slipper flat style that I can hopefully wear outside. If anyone is interested, again I am using the pattern from THIS site. If anyone is interested, I can post step by step instructions, but I basically just followed the instructions fro this site. Perhaps I will go into more detail on another pair in the future.

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