09 February 2012

Lovely Comfort Healing Tea

Along with the Tomato Soup from the last post, here is a comforting tea to soothe the sniffles and sore throats away. Boil some water and add these ingredients to make a tasteful remedy to scare away illness.(sorry, no pictures)

1 bag Green tea
Full of antioxidants and fights bacteria

1 TBS Honey
Remedy for sore throats, also increases energy and helps recover the immune system

Squeeze of Lemon
Contains vitamin C and helps protect the body from free radicals

Small amount grated Ginger (or powdered ginger in the spice cabinet)
Helps with sore throats and chills

Hopefully this warm beverage will put you back on your feet soon just like it did me! :)

Note: I am not in any way a doctor, nor do I assume to know any risks involved with this or any other natural remedy, though I can't imagine any of these ingredients to cause serious harm to the consumer since they are all common kitchen ingredients. Just ingest at your own risk. I did research all of these ingredients though, so my descriptions of their supposed benefits should match up with any found on other webpages or natural healing literature that you may find. 

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