29 January 2012

Homemade Potato Chips with Rosemary

Homemade potato chips are super tasty and can be made pretty quickly and easily. In addition, you can control what kind of oil you use. Here, we used peanut oil, but I would assume you could use olive oil to make them more healthy. 


Just heat up the oil with rosemary in a frying pan. Slice up a potato into thin slices and saute in oil. We also used rosemary to give a little extra flavor, but that is not mandatory. Flip occasionally to ensure crispiness on both sides. Lightly salt (we used sea salt, but the normal kind is also fine) at end and enjoy! 

Note: They look a lot like regular potato chips when fully cooked as long as they are sliced pretty thin. I don't have a picture because they were eaten as soon as they were cooked! :)

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