10 June 2014

Turn Animal Tutorials into Art

So I have been spending the last few months making follow along animal drawing tutorials for you guys, and I just wanted to share with you some of the art I have created using these very same tutorials. I followed all the same steps, except this time I used a paintbrush and acrylic paint instead of the markers I typically suggest. I put these pictures here to inspire any and all who see them, not because of my awesome abilities, but that everyone can make awesome things if they put their mind to it and have some simple tools/steps to follow.

1. Red Deer with Sunglasses

The sunglasses were a mistake. I have no idea how my paintbrush managed that. Sometimes mistakes ruin things, sometimes they make the art alive and more interesting. I like to think that sunglasses deer is way more awesome than the one I was intending!

2. Garden Gnome

This one turned out a little different than I expected, though I still like it. I added rosy cheeks to the gnome, and some basic shading. Maybe I should make a tutorial about that next.

3. Tree Dryad with Cat

Ok so the cat is actually the part I used in this painting that is also in a tutorial. Also the tree. But I think the cat and tree turned out way better in the painting than the tree nymph goddess lady.

So there you go! Some simple examples of how I have used my drawing tutorials to make pretty cool, legit art!

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