05 June 2014


So... my husband and I have gotten completely consumed with our new project, setting up an aquarium! We are being all legit and have a piece of found driftwood, java moss live plants, and we impatiently allowed the tank 3 weeks to cycle and establish the plants, and now we bought our fish!

We got guppies because they are livebearers, meaning that they will make babies while living in our tank! How cool is that? We also got a bamboo shrimp who sits at the bottom of the tank where the water flows toward him (from the filter) and constantly eats things out of the water floating past him. He can also jump up on our log and clean away the white fuzz on our driftwood piece.

We also had a small jar (about 1 1/2 gallon) that we placed some extra java moss in and got a beautiful blue veil tail betta to go in there. We made him a little bloated when he first got here, possibly from overfeeding, possibly just general stress of new home/water composition, but now he is back to his chipper self and always swims up to the side of the tank to say hello when we sit next to him on the couch.

Pictures below! 

Shrimp is in front of wood piece. The three guppies are somewhat visible in front as well.

Mr. Shrimp. His unnofficial name is Pancheros.

This is a pretty crappy photo, he is a really pretty midnight blue color with a silvery blue tail.
 Anyways, I will post some good stuff soon! I have a flip flop tutorial I am pretty excited about!

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