26 June 2012

Recipe Box App

Hello everyone!

As some of you may know, my boyfriend and I have been working on the smart phone app, "Recipe Box" for the last 6 months. I am proud to say that we are finally ready to release on the android market! (sorry iPhone users-maybe in the near future) It will be available on the android market starting July 1st.

I am super excited about the release because any recipes I have posted in the past 4 or so months have used this app for ease of creation! 

So here's the basic rundown of the app. You can enter favorite or standard recipes on your phone for easy retrieval while in the kitchen. When you open the app, you can pick which recipe you want from a list, enter it in to the search menu, or search by category.

Once you pick the recipe, you can view a brief description, which category(ies) it is in, and how long it takes to prep and cook. 
Then you can switch views to see the ingredients or the instructions for cooking! This makes it easy to read and refer to while you cook.

This was a lovely app to work on together, since one of our favorite activities to do together is to cook! Recipe Box can help you too in the kitchen and on the go. Its especially nice because it all fits into something you carry with you everywhere rather than stuck at home in a cupboard or lost on an index card somewhere. The clean cut font also makes you never have to guess if your handwriting says tsp or tbs.

The Categories option helps you organize by categories you pick, like main dish, dessert, beef, etc. and since you can add multiple categories to one recipe, you can find a recipe like meatloaf both under beef and main dishes, depending on what you are searching under.

Ok sorry, enough with the self-marketing, I'm just super excited about the launch, and I hope you check it out and love it too! 
look for this logo!

And please, please pretty please tell us what you think, even if its not all flattering! We are hoping to develop it further and suggestions or complaints are very welcome! Rate it on the android market or you can comment here on this blog :) Thanks!

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