13 June 2012

Ruffle Skirt Step 6: The Hemline

Now its time for the final step in the ruffle skirt! 
Put the skirt on and find the length you want the final product to be. Fold all extra fabric under and mark with a pin.
Take the skirt off and make sure the pin is only going through the top layer of fabric. Measure the excess length and proceed to place pins along the entire bottom of the skirt. 
At this point, iron the line you have pinned and then put the skirt back on. Look to see if the skirt looks shorter or longer at any point and adjust your pins so that the skirt lays evenly. 

If adjustments were made, iron the skirt again. (Remember, we are only working on the top layer of the skirt. The lining will be hemmed after the top part is complete.) 

Next, if the folded under length of the skirt is any longer than 2 inches, cut off the remaining part. For example, if the length is 3 inches, that would mean cutting a 1 inch strip off the raw edge of the fabric. Measure 2 inches from the fold rather than 1 inch from the edge to ensure that the hem will have 2 inches excess.
Next, fold 1/2 inch under on the raw edge of the fabric and secure with pins. Iron flat. 
For a visible hemline, top stitch around the skirt bottom at the fold. (For and invisible hemline, I will post a tutorial on how to do this with a sewing machine.)
Now you can look at the lining. Lay the skirt flat, and cut the lining 1/2 inch longer than the finished edge of the top layer. 
Then fold up 1/2 inch, toward the top layer. 
Fold 1/2 inch again and secure with pins. Iron. 
Stitch. It should look like this. 

Now the skirt is complete! 
Thank you so much for bearing with me through my first tutorial! If  you liked it, let me know, and I can try to make more. Also, I could make tutorials on different sewing techniques like hemlines, tips for lining up plaids, etc. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

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