15 July 2015

3 Reasons Why Leather Shoes are Better for your Feet

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Leather is a timeless, beautiful material that have covered people's feet for thousands of years. However, walking into a store and looking at the price may cause you to pause before making the investment. Is it worth paying extra to get leather? Absolutely. And here's why.

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1. A Comfortable Custom Fit

First of all, leather stretches a small amount. This means that leather will mold to the shape of your foot  after a few wearings, creating an "oh so comfortable" custom fit. Provided you don't buy shoes two sizes too small, or ridiculously shaped pointy toed shoes, this will keep nerves from being pinched and aid in the health of your feet in the long run. When buying shoes, make sure they are leather on the inside as well as the outside. Some shoe manufacturers will use pleather or cloth or some such material for the interior of your shoes. This sort of ruins this wonderful benefit, and keeps your feet from feeling happy and functioning properly. One way to avoid this is to look for a label describing the leather as "full grain". There is a great article that I read yesterday that talks about this and explains the benefits of a full grain leather shoe.

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2. Keeps Feet Dry and Warm

Leather absorbs moisture, which keeps your feet dry and comfortable. It also breathes, which allows said moisture to leave the shoe and evaporate. This is crucial for obvious reasons in the summer, since sweaty feet are the worst. However, this benefit also comes in handy in the winter, when you might think your feet would be far from even thinking about sweating. If your shoes are doing their job of keeping your heat in, then it is very possible that your feet may begin to sweat, especially when walking enough to raise your core temperature. This could be something as simple as coming in from the cold to the grocery store for a half hour and running around grabbing food essentials. As soon as your body cools off, that sweat created cools and soon feels icy cold. Settlers and explorers would often die of hypothermia if they became too hot because their own sweat would leave them freezing cold and wet. Thankfully now a days, we usually just have to worry about feeling horribly cold for a short while until we can get somewhere warm. If you are worried about it, I would definitely recommend adding wool liners to any shoes. Wool is another great animal product that absorbs moisture, and can even keep you warm when soaking wet. But that's another post. If you are really interested HERE is a site that has a lot of info on the topic.

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3. Leather Lasts Longer

Quality leather shoes are flexible, durable and strong, meaning you can continue wearing your leather shoes for years. The initial investment of a good pair of leather shoes may seem steep, but look at it this way: The amount of use you can get out of leather shoes before they wear out justifies any higher cost you might have to pay up front. Especially if you know a good cobbler or shoe repairman in your area. My husband got his Red Wings resoled from our local shoe repairman and got them all spiffy and new looking for around $30. I used to spend somewhere between $15-30 on new cloth shoes. I would just replace them when they wore out, and in the course of a year I had equaled the cost of my husbands shoes. And his still have years to go in use.

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There are many other benefits to wearing leather shoes that we don't need to spend a ton of time on, but leather looks classy, smells fantastic, and gives you a sense of pride in owning a high quality product. Sure, leather shoes are typically more expensive than cloth or other materials, but the benefits of wearing leather most certainly outweigh the costs, especially when you are planning to wear them for a year or more.

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