29 July 2015

Weekly Update: Creating a pattern for the Moccasin Boots

Hello all.

Just had the flu for the past two days, so I haven't accomplished much this week yet. I have, however, managed to make a final pattern for the moccasin boots I was working on last week, and am all ready to have a go at the real thing! YAY!

I tried to really slow down and be careful for this project. I sometimes have the tendency to try to race through the "boring parts" and depend on my innate sewing skills later on to "correct" for inaccurate cuttings or measurements. This is not actually a skill. This is laziness, and will make any job harder in the long run. I have been thus far very careful with my shoe-making measurements, but the more accurate I can be, the better! I can't say how many personal sewing projects I have ruined due to carelessness in the beginning.

However, something about the fact that an animal lived its whole life o grow the skin I am planning to cut up really motivated me to take my time on the shoes. Thankfully, this has resulted mostly is simple easy to fix errors when they have happened so far. Purchasing a cheap non-animal product for making prototypes though is really helping my confidence on this particular project, despite it being the first pattern I have completely drafted on my own.

Sorry I don't have more pictures for this one, but I will have more up next week when I am back up and running full steam. I will hopefully provide some more useful details on my process and how I came to the pattern I got to in the end, and thoughts I have on altering it for a different size.

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