24 July 2014

Ojibwe Style Moccasins: First Journey

So I used contact cement to add a veg tan sole to the bottom of the moccasin, and then headed for a week long trip to Michigan! Here is what the soles and tops look like. I tried to really cut the sole down to the parts that would actually contact the ground to gain a super flexible and comfortable shoe. The tops have an uneven coloring since I had just applied the oil and it hadn't had time to saturate evenly yet.

We got all the way to Ludington, MI before I remembered to put them on. Beautiful campsite.

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Here are some shots of the lovely downtown area. Highly recommend!

I mostly wore them around the campsite at nights, and during the car rides. I switched shoes whenever I knew we would walk a ways, to preserve the leather soles.

Here are what they look like on my feet on the drive home. So far they are holding up pretty well, especially considering all the side walk I walked on in them that I shouldn't have.

Anyhow, I have really enjoyed wearing them so far! This is my first pair that has fit super comfortably even the first few times I wore them. The others so far have a "breaking in period" mostly in the toe area before they are super comfortable to wear. I need to go back and re-glue some areas where the sole is coming apart from the shoe, but other than that, they have functioned perfectly!

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