01 July 2014

DIY Gathered t shirt project

With summer officially here, I found I was lacking in cool summer attire that is also appropriate for work. As a barista, the dress code is somewhat casual,, t shirts are allowed, but no tank tops, or super short skirts or dresses. I have several cool summer dresses, but they all require me to wear a cardigan with them. Way too hot for July! So, I set about altering this super sweet tshirt from my local co-op to make a classy yet cool shirt for work!

Requirements for this design:
  1. I needed sleeves of some kind to be able to wear to work
  2. I wanted it to be somewhat loose to keep cool
  3. I wanted it to be somewhat fitted
  4. I wanted it to have a little more excitement then a simple v-neck or scoop neck

So here is what I came up with!

 Tada! And here are a couple of photos of me in my classy new shirt!

fake motion shot!!!

rolled up sleeves

Good luck!!!

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