09 April 2014

How to Draw a Duck

Who needs Peeps? Here is a duck tutorial for spring! Quack Quack! Have a Happy Easter everyone!

You will need:
  • pretty marker, one for beak, one for rest of the body
  • black marker or pen
  • paper
Here is a follow along tutorial below!

On a side note, I am having a lot of difficulty photographing my drawings as of late. No matter how much light and what camera setting I have for the photograph, it seems to come out really gray. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing ths problem? I did this week's in inkscape but I really would like to physically draw my drawing tutorials. If it helps at all, it looks nice and white on my camera, but all gray and yucky when I load it onto the computer. I have to put the photo through extensive editing, and even then its a bit gray, and then the image is compromised as well. HELP!

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