26 August 2015

Hedgehog Keychains and Moccasin Boots: Weekly Update

Hedgehog Keychain

I am working on a bag for a friend and it was mentioned that the recipient (his lady friend) liked hedgehogs, so I thought I would try to come up with a fun key chain. I am already adding a key hook to the bag, so I thought a key chain would be a nice addition.

He contacted me Monday afternoon interested in possibly a screen printed design on the bag, so here are a couple ideas I came up with!

the more complicated option
a couple of simpler options

This is still the same bag I posted on a week ago, but have had to put the project on hold as I am waiting for some slide buckles to come in. As soon as they are in, I can finish up the bag.

Some exciting news is I have another bag request form a different friend, and he wants it to be a more nu-buck color, which is much closer to a light tan than the dark brown I have made this most recent bag and my previous bag out of. I will have to post next week about any exciting new features or specifications he will require.

Moccasin Boots

This week I have been prototyping my own pair of moccasin boots. Much easier to scale a working pattern than start from scratch! One dumb mistake I made was initially sewing the prototype together backwards and not realizing it until they were all the way put together, wasting a fair amount of time. But no matter, the prototype proved that the pattern was pretty easily scalable in the end, and I am happy about that.

Got the pattern all drawn up and pretty looking, so I will be able to start on those tomorrow. I bought some neat looking gray/brown deerskin and am excited to see how it looks on a shoe. Will be good to have another color option in addition to shoe style available online. 

Wasn't good about photographing my process for this project so far, but I'll have pics up next week, I promise!

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